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Author Archives: John Barter

Welcome to Autumn 2022

Dear Friends, Whilst Autumn appeared to arrive early this year; my e-Newsletter is a month late! This is the result of last months huge Weather Event – causing significant flooding along the East Coast of Australia – with major devastation to towns, homes and businesses. I was without Power for several Days, no running water, and no Phone / Internet line for a couple of weeks. Many people, families, homes and businesses will take months to recover from what nature has offered...
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Dear Friends Welcome to our New Year 2022 and the middle of Summer. Summer is the season for us that transcends and connects the old year with the New Year. My last Newsletter to you with my verse for Summer notes this interesting point. In December last year a number of us spent a wonderful day in Nature at Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery. The occasion was a Wellbeing In Nature Day with Reflections offered by Venerable Pannyavaro and also myself on...
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Dear Friends Welcome to our New Year 2022. What makes a year New, Fresh and Alive, may be more about our Approach or Attitude to it than what actually happens within it. We may face and engage many things this year that we have done countless times in previous years; yet if we see, view and approach them with a helpful attitude they can feel and be a new experience for us. The Buddhist Path Factor of ‘Right View’; the first of the...
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Dear Friends What do we tend to give attention to, focus on, make important or ‘Highlight’? Are these things that we ‘Highlight’, important, significant and special ? Will they aid and support in bringing what is actually important for us? We do so easily get caught into and caught up in things that are more of an attraction and distraction from what is important and meaningful for us in the long-term and is the ‘bigger picture’ of our Life. As we end this...
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Summer Newsletter 2021

SUMMER ARRIVES Dear Friends Welcome to Summer! The Season of Summer is special around the world. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer brings a Mid-Year welcome relief from the grey clouded sky and stark cold that is Autumn and Winter. Here in the Southern Hemisphere, Summer is the Season that connects the Old Year to the New Year. It is the reward of having got through the year and then venturing forth into the New Year with warmth and light. The ending of...
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Dear Friends As we move towards the end of the year, we often feel that we are getting busier and busier, rushing to fit so much in before the year ends. Whilst the year is winding up – we feel that we are winding up and getting wound up! The end of the year ideally is a winding down and slowing down into a time of relaxation and holiday from the year of work. Much of the stress we experience is self-created...
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Dear Friends So often our mind becomes identified with and then identified as – our limitations, stress and suffering. The ‘Mental Self-Talk’ so easily gets caught in a neural loop of the ‘Negativity Bias’. Through not understanding the mental activity of the ‘Identification Process’; the mind identifies some Mental, Emotional or Physical State; then becomes Identified with this; then becomes Identified As This! I am Angry, I am Anxious, I am Distressed, I am Depressed, I am a Less-Than, I am a...
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Dear Friends It can be helpful to remind ourselves that there is never not a moment that Mindfulness cannot be helpful for us. There is never not an experience that cannot be enhanced by being Mindful. There is never not something to do, as we can always be practicing and developing our Mindfulness with whatever is happening. Mindfulness collects Mind Energy and connects us with our ongoing experience with Clarity and Care. In times of challenge and change it is imperative to...
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Spring Newsletter 2021

SPRING COMES Dear Friends The beginning of a new Season reminds us that time is passing. This is particularly so for the Season of Spring, especially here in the Southern Hemisphere, reminding us that the year is now half over. Spring is a beautiful Season with the warmth that it brings after the cold of Winter, and the great flush of colour and fragrance, calling us to our senses. Spring is a hopeful Season, reminding us to connect with Nature and that which is...
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Dear Friends Our life certainly can feel more worthwhile when it has meaning. Difficult situations and difficult times can be more easily dealt with and got through if they have a particular worth and meaning to us. Whether there is any implicit meaning in Life, in events in things certainly can be questioned. However, for the most part we do know that we ourselves can give meaning and make meaning of things. As humans we are meaning making creatures and this fact does...
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