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Life Coaching and Mentoring

Sometimes our issues or concerns can be better approached and addressed through ‘coaching’ or ‘mentoring’. This especially may be the case for issues or ideas that are primarily present or future based as opposed to the past, and that don’t particularly require counselling, but understanding and actualisation of ones’ potential. Here ‘Life Coaching’ or ‘Mentoring’, can provide the necessary guidance, goal setting, strategies, and techniques for ‘living consciously’, understanding our strengths and weaknesses, and actualising our potential.

‘Life Coaching’ and Mentoring at WELL-AWARE-NESS may be used to look at many of the issues mentioned above in ‘General Life Counselling’, as well as others that could include:

  • Working with stress, understanding ‘burn-out’ and ’emotional fatigue’
  • Learning how to relax, pause, and be present
  • Developing ’emotional intelligence’ (EQ)
  • Developing meaning and motivation in ones’ life; ‘A path with heart’
  • Understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses; core values, and qualities
  • Understanding the elements of our personality, and conditioning that hold us back in our life.
  • Developing a life that suits our personality; Living one’s truth
  • Working with the challenge of choice and change
  • Accommodating regret; Learning to let go
  • Developing the micro skills of relating; the intra and inter ‘ personal dynamic
  • Actualising ones’ personal and professional potential; Finding fulfilment
  • Understanding and appreciating one’s ‘spiritual dimension’ and bringing that into life
  • The art and heart of managing self, and managing others