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Hanna Steven-Boniecki

DSCF8825.88b788b827bc2a7c4abd9c97234a3c6448HANNA STEVEN-BONIECKI is both a partner in WELL-AWARE-NESS, and the ‘Life Partner’ of John Barter. Hanna is a Registered Counsellor, receiving her training through The Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP). In her approach, Hanna integrates the essential elements of several therapeutic modalities into the unifying framework of ‘Life Trap ‘ Schema Therapy’. Within this approach Hanna enables her clients to develop a mindful  insightful awareness around lifelong tendencies based in the conditioning of mind-sets in the early years of life. From the vantage point of clarity, conscious change through the process of counselling is engaged. Hanna brings to her therapeutic work a wealth of life experience, and particularly specialises in issues relating to ‘family of origin’, relationship and women’s issues.

WELL-AWARE-NESS has a wide circle referral base of health and helping professionals that are aligned in perspective, values, and a whole person approach to health and well-ness. If a client needs care through a therapeutic modality not offered at WELL-AWARE-NESS, or are not able to attend either of our two Centres, we are happy to refer on to our aligned practitioners.

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