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Healing Through Cancer

There is a growing appreciation within main stream medical science, as well as a growing awareness within the general public of the benefits of complementary medicine and therapy, especially in working with the experience of cancer.

While cancers of all types are a physical illness, the issue and experience of cancer affects the whole of the person, not just their body. In response to this appreciation it can be wise to approach treatment, and healing, in different ways and on different levels, to maximize the greatest healing outcome.

The human body is an amazing self regulating system, however when imbalance occurs, manifesting as illness, it may not be enough to simply remove the illness, there may also be the need to help find ones’ way back to balance: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. ‘Healing’ is that process of restoring and returning back to balance, harmony, wholeness.

In response to this need for a greater understanding of the process and potentials of healing through cancer,John Barter through WELL-AWARE-NESS, offers psychological counselling and specific meditation therapy to support and create healing  from the time of initial diagnosis of cancer,   through to ‘remission’, as well as support through home / hospital visits, especially in the case of terminal illness. 
Counselling, Meditation training, and support is also offered for family members and for ‘carers’.

Specific areas of Psychological Counselling / Mindfulness Therapy / Meditation include:

  • Working with the stress and shock of initial diagnosis
  • Being a pro-active patient rather than a reactive one
  • Dealing with decision making, finding calm and clarity amidst the chaos
  • Responsibilities of your partner, family members, friends; How they can help
  • Communication strategies between you and your Specialists
  • Creating healing through stress reduction and enhancement of the immune system
  • Mindfulness based Healing Meditations
  • Ways of working with emotions for greater healing potential
  • The Psychology of developing a ‘conscious relationship’ to the cancer
  • Cancer as a ‘messenger’ about how we may have been approaching Life
  • Creating clarity around past issues, that may have affected our psycho emotional well-being
  • The experience of cancer as a conscious ‘retreat’ from our regular worldly way of life
  • Life learning’s through the experience of cancer
  • Engaging our psycho-spiritual domain for health, healing, and wholeness
  • Finding healing and Peace when the body is not, or not going to, manifest healing
  • Conscious Living, Conscious Dying

If you, a family member, or friend, have been diagnosed with cancer, please contact us at WELL-AWARE-NESS to enquire as to how we can be helpful.