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Life does not always work out the way we wish or want it to. Unfortunately for some there may be the occurrence of life events that results in the experience of psychological trauma. Often the experience of psychological trauma is a result of our minds not having been prepared for or able to accommodate to an unexpected, unanticipated shocking event.

People experiencing psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can find both symptom relief and psychological healing through Psychological counselling and Mindfulness based Cognitive therapies.

John Barter through his work at WELL-AWARE-NESS brings both skill, wisdom and care to his work as a Psychologist, helping people both heal and grow psycho – emotionally through the experience of trauma. By helping people develop the necessary wisdom based perspectives, mental frame work or schema, a re-perspective of past events can occur, allowing the mind – heart to heal from the deep hurts that the experience trauma has caused. Contact John at WELL-AWARE-NESS to enquire further how he can be helpful for you.