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An increasing percentage of our population are diagnosed with Clinical Depression and an even larger number go undiagnosed and without help or healing from this ever increasing illness.

There are many reasons why someone might experience depression, from the result of an unfortunate life experience; from becoming stressed, worn down and emotionally burnt-out; to a loss of meaning and passion in life as a result of seeing the underlying impermanence and ultimately unsatisfying nature of conditional existence – an existential crisis of the self.

Whatever the underlying cause or reason for depression there is much that can be done to bring clarity and relief to this de-energizing experience.

Apart from the use of clinically prescribed medication; there is an increasing body of evidence based research of the potentials of a Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy approach to depression. This can be further aided by the practice of Mindfulness based Meditation which both enhances the brain’s natural ability to produce the neuro transmitter Serotonin and Dopamine while also creating a mindful objective awareness to otherwise negative or distressing thoughts and mind states.

Through his work as a Psychologist and Mindfulness based Meditation teacher, John Barter brings years of experience in working with people experiencing depression.

John engages a Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy approach together with Psychological Counselling and Meditation. John helps clients work with both the felt experience of depression and, when appropriate, addresses the underlying possible causes or life issues creating the experience of depression.

This approach works well to complement the medical approach of prescribed anti depressant medication, and John receives numerous referrals of clients from General Practitioners (GPs) through the year.

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