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Addiction and Compulsive Behaviour

An addiction may be appreciated as an unhealthy attachment or dependency on something that limits freedom and choice, reducing our overall well-being.

From this perspective we all have addictions to things that we have seemingly little control over; from thinking too much, being caught into distressing emotions or reactions, obsessive or compulsive behaviours with relation to food, alcohol, drugs, sex and shopping.

While many of our addictions and compulsions remain under some degree of control, at times, often through the exacerbation of stress and life issues, such addictions can get out of hand threatening the wellbeing of oneself and others.

A Mindfulness and Wisdom based CBT approach to addictions and compulsions brings care to both working with and working through the challenges of addictions and compulsions. Here ‘Care’ means both being caring and careful, while helping a person work with the thoughts, states of mind, feelings and emotions of the phenomena of the addiction, together with Psychological Counselling to address the underlying issues that have brought about the unhealthy coping strategy which is the addiction.

John Barter brings to his work many years of helping people work through various addictions and compulsions and also works in collaboration with healthcare professionals who specialise in helping people with serious substance abuse issues. John gives workshops each year on ‘Mindfulness based Meditations – Perspective and Practice for working with Addiction’ to health professionals from various organizations and hospitals who work in the area of addiction.

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