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Anger Management

Life is stressful and at times the build of stress, whether from our personal life or our professional life, or a combination of both, can lead to the unhealthy expression of anger. While anger is a naturally occurring emotion, the misuse and misdirection of anger, either expressed outwardly towards other persons or things, or diverted inwardly as a suppressed emotion and energy, ultimately becomes a cause of stress and suffering for oneself and for others.

The Management of Anger begins with an understanding of emotions, our mind, our self, our energy and our right communication and connection to others.

Through his capacity as a Psychologist and Mindfulness based Meditation teacher, John Barter brings great skill and experience in helping people work with and work through the distressing emotion of anger. Using a Mindfulness and Wisdom based approach to working anger and other significant emotions, John helps clients become more mindfully aware of the phenomena of the emotion, relating to it, rather than from it, being able to mindfully be withit, rather than in it or as  it. Further to this through Psychological Counselling or Coaching, John helps clients address the underlying issues of concerns that are creating the symptom of anger.

Contact John through WELL-AWARE-NESS to arrange a session.