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Consulting Work

Mindfulness Meditation Courses; Workshops; Retreats; Presentations, specifically designed for ‘Specialist Areas’ of Public, Private, and Corporate sector, available on request. For almost 20 years Psychologist and Meditation Teacher John Barter has been providing Mindfulness based training programs in the form of Courses, Workshops, Retreats, as well as Presentations, for sectors that include Public and Private Health, Public and Private Education  as well as the Corporate sector.

These Courses, Workshops, Retreats, and Presentations are both educational and experientially based, using Mindfulness training through Meditation as a key technique for encouraging personal awareness; enhancement of health and well-being; as well as increased development of professional performance.

Programs and Presentations, while all being based around the development and use of Mindfulness, can be designed specifically to meet the needs and concerns of the particular participant group.

Where half-day presentations and one-day workshops are offered, it has been found that a two day workshop, with a week in between each day provides the optimum opportunity for practicing and developing the newly acquired skills and perspectives.

Particular Workshops / Courses include:

  • ‘Mindfulness Meditations for Health & Performance’
  • ‘Mindfulness Meditation Training for the Health Care Professional’
  • ‘Mindfulness Meditations for Enhancing and Engaging the Therapeutic  Relationship’
  • ‘Mindfulness Meditations for Working With the Stress of Self and Others
  • ‘Mindfulness Based Meditations for Managing Self & Others’
  • ‘Mindfulness Meditations & Reflections on the Art & Heart of Listening’
  • ‘Mindfulness Meditations & Reflections for Health and Healing’
  • ‘Mindfulness Meditations & Reflections for Working With Cancer’
  • ‘Mindfulness Based Meditation for Working With Stressful Emotions’
  • ‘Mindfulness Based Meditation for Chronic Pain’
  • ‘Mindfulness Based Buddhist Meditations ‘ An Introduction’
  • ‘Mindfulness Based Buddhist Meditations ‘ The Four Foundations of Mindfulness’
  • ‘Mindfulness Based Buddhist Meditations ‘ The Seven Factors of Enlightenment’
  • ‘Mindfulness Based Buddhist Meditations ‘ The Ten Spiritual Perfections’

Follow-up workshops are available for groups that have completed a workshop to enable continued development of the acquired benefits of the meditative skills and approach. WELL-AWARE-NESS Psychology also offers four ‘in- house’ Meditation Courses of 8 weeks duration, as well as 2 ongoing Meditation Support & Supervision Groups each week.
(See Meditation Courses).