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Buddhist Monasteries are wonderful environments for study, learning, meditation and retreats. Not only are they the residing places of persons ordained as monastics, but places for people to visit either for a day, for a weekend or a longer period. Buddhist Monasteries also provide the possibility of training and ordination as a monastic, which may be for a predetermined period of time or as an open ended life choice possibility.

Buddhist Monasteries welcome visitors, since the welfare of the monastics in residence and the upkeep of the monastery is reliant on the expression of generosity by its lay visitors. Such lay visitors or overnight guests may visit for the purpose of making a gift of food, monies or other supports on the behalf of unwell friends or family members as a way of generating wholesome kamma or merit for the benefit of that person.

If you wish to visit or spend time in a Buddhist Monastery contact the abbot or guest master of the monastery to arrange a visit and enquire as to the particular protocols of that monastery.