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Chronic Pain

The experience of pain can affect the whole of ones’ being, and the whole of ones’ life. This is especially the case with chronic pain, pain that has gone beyond a 6 months’ time frame of being ‘acute’, to the point of possibly being ongoing through a person’s life.

While chronic pain is physical it can be a cause of great psychological suffering, and it is here that there is great potential to reduce this mental and emotional

disease, distress and despair. Much research, through the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, has found great benefit in the use of Mindfulness based Cognitive therapy and Mindfulness based Meditation for the treatment of the experience of chronic pain.

John Barter trained and worked for over 2 years in the area of chronic pain, at the Royal Prince Albert Hospital (RPA) in Sydney in its ‘Pain Management Centre’.

John was involved in the running RPA’s group 8 week, ‘Pain Education Program’ especially teaching the Mindfulness based Meditation component of the program, as well as seeing patients for individual sessions of Psychological Counselling and Meditation.

Through his work at WELL-AWARE-NESS, John continues to work with clients experiencing chronic pain, helping them to mindfully relate to their pain rather than being caught up into the pain; bringing a wise and caring approach to the pain, to their body, while finding meaning in working within the limitations of their life that the pain creates.

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