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Dear Friends – we often and so easily take words and expressions for granted. Sometimes a little look at what the words mean, even seeing or sourcing a meaning behind the words can be both an interesting and worthwhile pursuit. Enjoy my reflections in the verse below. Regards John B.   FOR THE TIME BEING This time, that time; Some time, at times; We may have, might have; Should have, could have; Used the term, the phrase, the expression; That eloquently says or states; ‘For the time being!’   Yet, have we ever stopped,...
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Summertime Newsletter 2019

Dear Friends, Welcome to Summer, a wonderful season that connects the end of our year with the New Year 2020. Summer can bring about a mood of relaxation and recreation especially as the year ends with a period of holiday and festivities over Christmas and New Years Day. Whilst the ending of the year can be a busy time, we need to remind ourselves to slowly ‘wind-down’ and not get ‘wound-up!’ The best way to ‘wind-down’ and not get ‘wound-up’ is...
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Mindfulness Meditation CD now available digitally

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