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Life Counselling

Given the increasing complexities and challenges of our contemporary life, ‘General Life Counselling’ can be a skilful means for developing and bringing clarity, perspective, and understanding to the issues and concerns of our life. ‘General Life Counselling’ also aims to bring greater understanding and insight to the dynamics of our mental, emotional, and physical well being, while creating more balance, harmony, joy, and meaning in our life. 
It is appreciated that it can be most helpful to seek out counselling, to gain greater self awareness and clarity around life issues before they become overwhelming problems, using a ‘checking – in’ or ‘check – up approach’ for looking after ourselves.
‘General Life Counselling’ sessions could include:

  • Developing clarity, objectivity, and perspective on current life issues / situations
  • Talking through and debriefing from stressful life situations
  • Developing strategies, techniques, and wise ways of working with stress
  • Personal and professional performance issues / enhancement
  • Working with anxiety and panic attacks
  • Dealing with depression
  • Understanding and working with emotions, our own and others; anger management
  • Working through grief and loss issues
  • Issues relating to self-esteem, shame and guilt
  • Developing communication skills
  • Relationship issues
  • Healing our relationship to the past
  • Developing meaning and motivation in our life

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