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Author Archives: John Barter


Dear Friends Most of our stress, angst and unease is created and caused by our own attachments and reactions to things. The benefit of seeing and appreciating this is that, whilst we do cause our stress and suffering; we can also un-cause or un do our stress and suffering. Our Real Peace, Real Freedom and Real Happiness is ‘an inside job!’ Connecting to Nature, and that which is perennial, beyond views and opinions can calm and clear the mind of much unnecessary...
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Dear Friends Sometimes we find ourselves attracted and distracted into the externals of our life; the various happenings, situations and circumstances. In this we easily forget to maintain our Mindfulness and what I am calling ‘Excellent Attention’ and ‘Exquisite Awareness’. In times of trouble and turbulence it becomes most important to maintain our clarity of Awareness, recognising and remembering what is Real, Reality and Dhamma; and what is just racket, rort and drama! So, let’s keep Calm and Clear Minded and maintain our...
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Dear Friends It is so easy to get caught in thoughts, mental states and a mood that is negative; what I call; ‘indulging in the down-side!’ During times of challenge and change we have the opportunity to maintain calm and equanimity; patience and persistence. We might even find a blessing in what we thought was a blight! As viruses are contagious and easily spread, so does the Psychological Virus of stress, fear and anxiety. We can share the Anti-Virus of Calm, Clarity and...
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Dear Friends During times of change and challenge it can be important, even imperative, to check in and check up on our Mindfulness and Wisdom practice. Certainly, how we see, perceive and receive experience in and of the world is based on the shape and stance our Mind is in. Ideally, we look and face issues as well as opportunities with as much clarity and discernment as possible. This enables us to be wise and kind in making the best...
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Autumn Newsletter 2020

Dear Friends I trust and hope this this message finds you well and mindfully managing, navigating and negotiating the challenges and choices life has imposed on us at this time. We now find our selves in the middle of Autumn, the first whole session of 2020, since Summer is shared with 2019 at the beginning of the year and with 2021 at the end of the year. Autumn is a particularly pleasant season and time of the year with regards to weather...
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Dear Friends It does not take too much insight to see that we are all connected to each other as a humanity; as life forms on this living planet all of which becomes Mother-Nature. Certainly, what we do and how we live our lives as individuals and as a humanity does affect the living-life of Mother-Nature. What happens to Mother-Nature does also then impact on our life and living. This current time of Covid-19 calls us to question many things of profound...
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Dear Friends As we be with and bear through, ride with and abide with the challenges of changing times, it can be most helpful to check in with and tune in with that which is perennial. Here the perennial nature of Nature and specifically a Forest, can bring some peace of mind and peace of Being; particularly if we are caught in thoughts and feelings based on another time and another place. Try and connect to Nature to connect our own Nature...
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Dear Friends, Challenging times challenge us to change and be the best that we can be to get through but also to grow from those experiences. Whether these experiences are particular to the individual, the family, the community, the country, or to the world – they require a special way of being in our selves as we relate and respond to the predicament. The current crisis of the Corona Virus to humanity requires a critical response to engage and enhance not...
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Dear Friends,   Amidst the choices and challenges of changing times; where do we find a true place of peace, a true refuge, a real retreat, a safe sanctuary, a place that is our ‘Real Home’? It appears that no matter how intelligent one might be, no matter how well developed and cultivated our personality is; no matter how strong, fit and healthy we physically are; no matter how great our work-life and financial income is; no matter how lovely the place...
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Dear Friends, One of the wonderful insights into the reality of our life is that it is all happening now! Whilst we can have both reflection on the past and consideration of the future; our focus needs to be now. Our life is always and only forever just now. The sum total of ‘having the time of our life’ is really about how many moments we were really present for. We so easily ‘miss the point’ of the present. Our Mindfulness practice...
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