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Mindfulness Meditation CD now available digitally

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Interview with John Barter – All Things Meditation

Interview transcript: Jen Ng from the University of Technology, Sydney, with Buddhist psychologist and Mindfulness Meditation teacher from Well-Aware-Ness, John Barter Dated: April 2015 How does Buddhist psychology differ and contribute to western psychology? There is a growing movement from the spiritual and sacred to the secular within contemporary western culture. This is something that has occurred for some time and more specifically and more recently with regards to meditation. There is a movement from what has been the specific domain of the monastery, especially Buddhist monasteries, into...
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Qi Gong at Well-Aware-Ness with Patrice Thomas Sunday 31st May

Join us in May for our monthly GENTLE EXERCISE (Qi Gong) and MEDITATION CLASS – A wonderful way to restore and replenish for the coming week with Patrice Thomas Patrice with Sifu Wing Cheung When: Sunday 31st May 2015 Time: 4pm Where: 14 Ridge St, North Sydney Cost: $20.00 (teens 14 & up can come with parent/s free of charge) Email: patrice@mindfulconnections.com.au to register
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Friendship is both a life support and a support for life.

John's Message ....... FRIENDSHIP is both a life support and a support for life. To find a friend to share with, care with, learn with, love with and even live with - is a blessing indeed. And if such a friend encourages us - and inspires us to Realise Reality and live from Dhamma - Truth - such a friendship is very precious.  
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Video: Realising The Main Thing In Your Life – What Is It?

Saturday Urban Retreat on 7th March was a wonderful day of Mindfulness Meditation, sharing and discussion. During Q&A in his workshop "Realising the Main Thing" John Barter offered this short description on the Four Brahma Viharas.
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Ponder this thought for awhile …..

Sometimes amidst the busyness of our life we suddenly feel disconnected from life and then estranged from ourself. Trying to live where we don’t belong – life feels stressed and challenged. We need to remind ourself that – Mindfulness is only now, Meditation is only now, Life is only now and Reality is only now. The ego – self plays in the pleasures and the pains of the landscape of the remembered past and imagined future. Being Mindful, Being Meditation, we realise our true...
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Combining Eastern Philosophy & Spiritual Traditions with Contemporary Psychology – that’s Ken Wilber

I am excited by Ken Wilber - who with great skill, combines Eastern Philosophy & Spiritual Traditions with contemporary Psychology, offering a great understanding of our human condition and transpersonal nature. Take a moment to view this .... I am Big MIND
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One Of My Favourite Teachings – A healthy mind is the greatest gain

A healthy mind is the greatest gain Contentment is the greatest wealth A trustworthy friend is the best of kin Unconditional freedom is the highest bliss   The Buddha
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