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Happy New Year 2019

Dear Friends Happy New-Year 2019. I do hope that you have had a pleasant Christmas – New Year break, with some quite time connecting to nature, either in your garden or out somewhere wonderful. Over the last couple of weeks I have spent quality time in our large garden, both planting and weeding; a great way to connect to the land, to get ‘earthed’ and become grounded in the present much like our plant and tree friends.  I hope that this New Year,...
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25 Mountains, photo by Ven. Dhammika

The Alchemy of Experience, The year been and the year to become!

Dear Friends Like all things that come into being and then change or pass away, so too this year of ours now finds its ending. With Mindfulness and Wisdom, we can transform experiences into opportunities for great growth of Insight and Understanding. This can especially be the case where life has been challenging. This is what I call  ‘The Alchemy of Experience’. Here we can transform some base unpleasant experience into the priceless worth and wealth of Wisdom. We now have...
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Dates for Mindfulness Half Day Retreats in 2019 – Farrants Hill

Please mark your diaries with these dates .... Sunday 10th February Sunday 31st March Sunday 19th May (John’s Birthday on 20th) Sunday 7th July Sunday 1st September Sunday 20th October Sunday 1st December All half day retreats will be at my home in Farrants Hill. John B.
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Heart, Mind is receptive knowing

HEART – MIND IS RECEPTIVE KNOWING It is so easy to take for granted how we see, know and experience things. We often don’t consider that there may be another way of experiencing and knowing things. We may wonder how and why someone else might see and feel differently to ourselves? This could be because they are seeing and knowing in a different way to us. Consider my reflections below on the two ways of knowing.   What we see and know,...
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Summer 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends Welcome to Summer. I trust this note finds you well and warm having arrived into our new month of December and the new Season of Summer. It is now 2 years since I closed my Psychology Practice and Meditation Centre – WELL-AWARE-NESS in Sydney and made the move to live and work full time on the Far North Coast of NSW. I do hope that those of you that live in Sydney have been able to find a suitable replacement...
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The Buddha’s Verse on Health, Wealth, Friendship and Happiness

Arōgyā paramā lābhā santuṭṭhi paramaṁ dhanaṁ vissāsa paramā ñāthi Nibbānaṁ paramaṁ sukhaṁ A healthy mind is the greatest gain, Contentment is the greatest wealth, A trustworthy friend is the best of kin, Unconditional Freedom is the highest bliss. (The Buddha: Dhammapada verse 204)   Have you ever taken the time to pause and ponder on What is the Focus, Form and Function of your Life? What are we hoping to fulfill with our life?  ‘What is a life well lived and what is the result of a life well lived? Indeed, what is it...
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STILL-HERE; STILL-NOW; STILL-LIFE; STILL KNOWING Dear Friends There is a way of ‘Knowing’ that is far superior and far surpasses the domain of thought. This ‘Knowing’ is a way of seeing, feeling, knowing and being that informs a different way of experiencing life. This ‘Knowing’ creates a depth of intimacy and even a coalescence with the known. It is a ‘Knowing’ that is both fundamental and primary. It is the source of profound understanding and great insight. It accesses and...
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Living to Let-Go

LIVING TO LET-GO We often focus our time energy and attention on getting, gaining, having, holding and becoming. Yet there is that which can be gained or known by none of these activities. This is the peace that results from relaxing, releasing and letting-go! This is expressed in my poem that follows:   At the end of the moment, minute, hour; At the end of the day, the week, the month; At the end of the year, the decade, the life and the life time; When...
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‘PEACING’ THE PRESENT So much of the precious time and energy of our life is mis placed and mis directed. We spend our precious time and energy caught in disappointment and despair about ‘the has been’ and in fear and frustration about ‘the might be’! Yes, caught in the pains of the past and the fears about the future. However, life is always and only just here and just now. So if it is peace, calm and joy that we...
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See, Know, Be, Free

SEE - KNOW – BE - FREE Have you ever wondered or asked yourself how you see and know things? How we do see and know things does then create and condition how we will then be with those things and even be as those things. Science, Psychology and Spiritual Wisdom is helping us to see and know the true nature of things and not be fooled or led astray by their surface level appearance or seeming solidity and advertised satisfaction. Mindful...
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