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Knowing the Unknown

Dear Friends We live our life in the realm of change and uncertainty. Whilst this includes the known, it also creates the unknown; like the two sided of the one coin; like the back and front of the one hand. Whilst we may feel okay with the known; maybe we can also become comfortable with getting to know the unknown and not filling it with fear and trepidation. The unknown can be acknowledged, accepted and allowed into our life as my verse below expresses. KNOWING THE UNKNOWN How do...
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Dear Friends It is so easy and so often that we become caught in and caught up as a particular limited view or perspective. Such a view excludes other views and other people. Being caught in and as a limited view becomes a source of separation, division, confusion and conflict. Our Meditation Practice is a way of helping the brain and mind move from the particular to the universal and from the exclusive to the inclusive. My verse below expresses this point...
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Always and Forever – Ever Leaving and Arriving

Dear Friends How long do we ever spend in one place? So often we may be here but thinking about going there; and in being there we have thoughts about being else-where. Life is a process of ongoing flux and flow. Becoming more aware of this we can find flow in the flux without so much stress and struggle. My verse below expresses the wonder and the mystery of the ever arriving and leaving.  John B.   ALWAYS AND FOREVER – EVER LEAVING AND ARRIVING We are...
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‘Coming to our Senses’ The Art of Receptive Knowing

Dear Friends This Sunday we held another Half Day Meditation Retreat here at Ratanagiri on the Tweed Coast. Below are the Retreat Reflection Notes for your consideration, especially if you did not have the chance to attend this Retreat. Kind Regards John B. Retreat Reflections: ‘Coming to our Senses’ – The Art of Receptive Knowing Sunday 10th February 2019: with Buddhist Psychologist & Meditation Teacher John Barter Being alive to life as the most important thing! At times we may well wonder, what life is all about...
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Life-Story and Love-Story

Dear Friends Much of our mental ‘self-talk’ does become the role and script that we live our life from. The stories that we tell ourselves continue to cultivate and create the person that we are. Seemingly subtle yet psychologically solid, we strengthen and sustain a someone that is our self. Please enjoy my verse about this process. John B. LIFE-STORY AND LOVE-STORY We all like and love a story; and we all are but a story. And of that story, we are both the story...
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Dear Friends Reality is, but reality bites - sometimes when we least expect, want or think that we can deal with it. Certainly we have all had this experience. However Mindfulness and Wisdom can prevail in helping us see clearly and gain ground when we either think or feel that the ground is sliding away from underneath us. Our Mindfulness and Meditation practice, our re-perspective from Understanding and Wisdom can offer firm footing to help regain our poise and presence. Take heart from...
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Of Good and Greatness

Dear Friends With the beginning of the new year we often think about what we wish, want or will achieve this year. Such thoughts can also bring a sense of sadness at what we haven’t yet achieved or experienced, got or gained, developed or maintained. We may also think about what we could have, should have, will not or won’t ever achieve or fulfil. However, if we take a moment to move our mind beyond our sense of being a single...
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Happy New Year 2019

Dear Friends Happy New-Year 2019. I do hope that you have had a pleasant Christmas – New Year break, with some quite time connecting to nature, either in your garden or out somewhere wonderful. Over the last couple of weeks I have spent quality time in our large garden, both planting and weeding; a great way to connect to the land, to get ‘earthed’ and become grounded in the present much like our plant and tree friends.  I hope that this New Year,...
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25 Mountains, photo by Ven. Dhammika

The Alchemy of Experience, The year been and the year to become!

Dear Friends Like all things that come into being and then change or pass away, so too this year of ours now finds its ending. With Mindfulness and Wisdom, we can transform experiences into opportunities for great growth of Insight and Understanding. This can especially be the case where life has been challenging. This is what I call  ‘The Alchemy of Experience’. Here we can transform some base unpleasant experience into the priceless worth and wealth of Wisdom. We now have...
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Dates for Mindfulness Half Day Retreats in 2019 – Farrants Hill

Please mark your diaries with these dates .... Sunday 10th February Sunday 31st March Sunday 19th May (John’s Birthday on 20th) Sunday 7th July Sunday 1st September Sunday 20th October Sunday 1st December All half day retreats will be at my home in Farrants Hill. John B.
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