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Spring Newsletter

Dear Friends I hope this note finds you venturing forth from the hibernation that Winter offers as we move into the warmer weather of Spring. Here in Australia the coming of Spring reminds us that our year is moving closer to its end! Already two thirds of our year has gone, that’s eight months out of our twelve. Apart from delighting in the beginning of some warmer weather (not that it gets too cold here); the blossoming of fragrant flowers, bushes and...
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Realising Retreat

REALISING RETREAT We all need to experience a ‘Retreat’. A retreat certainly can be a specific place, a set amount of time; the creating of a situation and occasion for taking a break. A retreat break could be for a period of months, weeks, days, hours; even just an hour or a number of minutes as provided by a ‘meditation’. A retreat place and period, a meditation or some mindful moments, needs to be approached and addressed with a healthy mind set, attitude,...
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Sustainable Well-Being

‘SUSTAINABLE WELL-BEING’ – Reflections by John Barter More than anything else, we seek to be Happy and much of our precious life’s time and energy is purposed towards this goal and experience (Sukkha). However, we are beset with the blight and maybe blessing of ‘Uncertainty’! We live in the realm of ‘Uncertainty’; this is how we live, this is how we die! However, we also live in an age of uncertainty, due to the ever-increasing fast pace of our life and...
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Welcome to Winter

Dear Friends – Welcome to Winter. We certainly know that the year is moving on when our winter arrives; which means that we are half way through this year! Winter finds us experiencing another side of nature, the cooler even cold weather, grey days, the wet and the windy. Plant and animal life tend to take a break, conserve and preserve energy for the coming of Spring. Whilst we tend to live and work in artificial environments, set up with constant and unchanging...
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The Four Ways of Mindfulness

THE FOUR WAYS OF MINDFULNESS Mindfulness is a ‘Conscious Clarity’ and an ‘Awakened Awareness’. Mindfulness is our Minds natural ability to be present to what is happening. Our Mindfulness connects us to what is happening externally through our Bodily Senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. Mindfulness also connects us to what is happening internally within us through our Feelings, Mental States and specific Mental Content. How we know and experience life and how we know we are alive...
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Message from John

Dear Friends Now in the fourth month of our year; why not take some time to pause and be present, contemplate and consider how we are pacing and progressing on this journey through life this year? Consider my reflections below and arrive fully right where you are! Kind Regards John B.   FULLY ARRIVING IN EVERY STEP IS THE DESTINATION   How do we Walk through the World and Live through our Life? Do we walk like we are trying to get somewhere, living our life ahead of...
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The 3 Ways to Wisdom

Half Day Meditation Retreat Sunday 25th March 10.00 – 1.00pm NSW time (9.00am to 12.00 noon QLD). ‘Ratanagiri’ 11 Double View Road Farrants Hill NSW   THE THREE WAYS TO WISDOM Much of our experience of stress and suffering would be alleviated if we used more Wisdom in making choices and dealing with the challenges of our life. Living and relating from Wisdom can enhance our well-being and the welfare of others that we connect with. Wisdom is a faculty that we can develop and strengthen...
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Retreat Dates for 2018

Here are the dates for my retreats for the rest of this year - mark them in your diary. Sunday 25th March - (past) Sunday 20th May - (special event, John's birthday, stay for lunch after retreat) - (past) Sunday 1st July Sunday 26th August Sunday 14th October Sunday 2nd December
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 Miracles. We love ‘Miracles’. Human beings love miracles! For the fact remains that we as human beings did conceive of and are the creators of the idea of miracles! A miracle, may merely be an ordinary, naturally occurring event or happening. However, it is our particular perception and conception, that transforms and creates that happening into a miracle, the miraculous. Miracles are a matter of mind! A miracle is relative to the Mind-Heart and eyes of the beholder. So, in that sense, apart from what...
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New Year 2018

Dear Friends A ‘Mindful’ and ‘Kind-ful’ welcome to our New Year of 2018. I do hope and trust that the last year ended well for you, with some Mindful Reflection on the lessons and learnings from a year of life well spent. I also hope that what ever worth and wealth of understanding and wisdom you have gained from the last year, that you are able to use it well in our New Year, so that it becomes an even better year...
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