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Welcome to Winter

Dear Friends – Welcome to Winter.

We certainly know that the year is moving on when our winter arrives; which means that we are half way through this year!

Winter finds us experiencing another side of nature, the cooler even cold weather, grey days, the wet and the windy.

Plant and animal life tend to take a break, conserve and preserve energy for the coming of Spring.

Whilst we tend to live and work in artificial environments, set up with constant and unchanging light, temperature and air; it can be helpful to appreciate that our bodies are still natural and organic.

Our bodies and our minds, like nature need a break, some down time, a retreat.

Winter beckons us to move a little slower, be a little less active, be a little quieter and even more contemplative and meditative.

Winter is a great time to take a conscious break with a Retreat.

This becomes an occasion to pause and ponder, review and reflect, become more inwardly aware and develop insight and understanding.

Do take and make more time for mindful moments especially in meditation over the next couple of months.

Appreciate the worth and wealth of the Mindful Life; be well, live well – with Joy.


Here at Ratanagiri on the Tweed Coast, we were very fortunate to have Venerable Ajahn Tiradhammo, a very senior Western monk of the Theravada Forest Tradition, visiting for several days.

The Ajahn and John have know each other for nearly 30 years, and were monks together in Dhammapala Monastery in Switzerland.

The Ajahn gave a wonderful Half Day Retreat on Sunday 3rd June, which was well attended and much appreciated by all those that shared in the occasion. He also gave some teachings on John’s Monday Evening Meditation Group which provided more time to share in the Ajahn’s wisdom and experience of the Mindful – Wise Life.

Ajahn Tiradhammo is currently based at Wat Buddha Dhamma Forest Monastery near Sydney, so we welcome him back to the Tweed Coast for further Meditation Retreats when he has time.


John B.

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