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The Ending of Time!

The whole of I,
we, you and me;
is but a ‘cognitive creation’.
We think our self into being!

Behind and beyond the thought,
of I, we, you and me;
is simply energy manifesting as
the body and mind-ful awareness.

Meditation frees the mind,
from thought, from the activity of identification;
from ‘identity-ing’ and allows simply a
Body-Mind ‘Presence-ing’.

Here – Now, no one;
No – not now, no not here!
No story; no story teller;
no stress, no suffering; no drama and no SAMSARA.

For the I, we, you and me – self, is but a story.
The self as a story continues to story it’s self;
Creating, concocting and conditioning it’s self, through keeping the story telling going.
All until the ending of time.

When the story telling stops;
And the story teller ceases;
All time ends.

John B.

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