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Meditation – Dissolves and Resolves all Issues

30.04.17:  Meditation – Dissolves and Resolves all Issues.

In our Meditation, many issues and problems resolve and dissolve.

Sometimes, such issues or problems may resolve and then dissolve, or they may dissolve and then resolve.

How and why does this happen?


All our issues and problems, worries and woes, are the result of and belong to ‘someone’. Here the ‘someone’ is the ‘someone self ’, a self, a reference point ‘I’ for receiving and sending data.

The ego, I, self, someone is both made and maintained by ‘duality’.

Duality; as ‘this’ in relation to that’; ‘that’ in relation to ‘this’!

Duality (dual or two) is a subject this in relation to an object – that. Or a me in relation to a you or other.

Our self, or the self; the ‘psychological self’ seeks and survives because of duality. The psychological self also seeks and searches, stresses and succeeds or stresses and suffers because of duality.


Our Meditation is the opportunity for the mind to become quiet; still, silent and spacious. In and as Stillness, Silence and Spaciousness there is no thinking. When there is no thinking there is no mental self making; there is no I and no other. There is no me and them; no this and that; no here and there; no now and then! Here there is no duality. This is the domain not of ‘Non Duality’.

In Meditation, as Meditation, there is awareness; a Non Dual Awareness. Thus no self, no other; no here, no there; no this, no that; no now, no later.

In the ‘domain’ of Non Duality, there is no one to have an issue or problem; no one to stress, struggle, seek and search, suffer or succeed. It is the end of suffering DUKKHA.

We can see how all issues and problems require a someone or self and are created in and from the domain of duality. All issues and problems, woes and worries are maintained and sustained in and from the domain of duality.


In our Meditation, there is awareness, but no mental making of an ‘awareness-er’. In our Meditation there might be a thought, but no mental making of a ‘thought-er’. This is thinking without a ‘thinker’.

For the Revelation and ‘Realisation’ of Reality; both conditioned reality and Ultimate Reality; Meditation – Pure and Simple is essential.

John Barter

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