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Meditation Groups


Recognizing the challenge of maintaining an ongoing meditation practice; the need for ‘practical wisdom perspectives’ in dealing with the stress and issues of contemporary life; the opportunity to check-in with a well-practiced Meditation Teacher; and the benefits of group support with like-minded people; through WELL-AWARE-NESS, John Barter provides three ongoing Meditation Groups.

Each of these Meditation Groups runs for one and a half hours, and is structured as follows:

The first half-hour John provides some reflections and teachings on applying practical wisdom for living consciously, while learning and growing through our experience of Life. These reflections often come from John’s understanding of the Buddha’s teachings, his own experience of Buddhist Monastic life, and the application of psycho-spiritual perspectives to daily living.

meditation-groupThe second half-hour, John guides a Mindfulness based Meditation.

The third half-hour provides opportunity for a cup of tea, questions and discussion.

There is no need to book or register for the drop-in group, however if coming for the first time it is best to phone (02) 9460-4131 or email info@wellawareness.com.au

Payment per group session is by ‘Dana’  ie. your expression of your generosity (rec.$10-$20).

Tweed Coast, NSW

Weekly Monday Meditation Group

John offers a weekly Monday Evening Mindfulness and Wisdom based Meditation Group at his property on the Tweed Coast.

Venue: Ratanagiri Retreat

Address:  11 Double View Road, Farrants Hill

Time:  6.30pm to 7.30pm

Cost: DANA (expression of generosity)

PHONE:  0400 022 048

All Welcome

For more information, call 0400 022 048

Sydney, NSW

John’s Sydney Meditation Group is no longer meeting.

John is available for SKYPE and telephone sessions.