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Message from John

Dear Friends Now in the fourth month of our year; why not take some time to pause and be present, contemplate and consider how we are pacing and progressing on this journey through life this year? Consider my reflections below and arrive fully right where you are! Kind Regards John B.   FULLY ARRIVING IN EVERY STEP IS THE DESTINATION   How do we Walk through the World and Live through our Life? Do we walk like we are trying to get somewhere, living our life ahead of...
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Retreat Dates for 2018

Here are the dates for my retreats for the rest of this year - mark them in your diary. Sunday 25th March - (past) Sunday 20th May - (special event, John's birthday, stay for lunch after retreat) Sunday 1st July Sunday 26th August Sunday 14th October Sunday 2nd December
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Mindfulness Meditation CD now available digitally

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