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The 3 Ways to Wisdom

Half Day Meditation Retreat Sunday 25th March 10.00 – 1.00pm NSW time (9.00am to 12.00 noon QLD). ‘Ratanagiri’ 11 Double View Road Farrants Hill NSW   THE THREE WAYS TO WISDOM Much of our experience of stress and suffering would be alleviated if we used more Wisdom in making choices and dealing with the challenges of our life. Living and relating from Wisdom can enhance our well-being and the welfare of others that we connect with. Wisdom is a faculty that we can develop and strengthen...
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 Miracles. We love ‘Miracles’. Human beings love miracles! For the fact remains that we as human beings did conceive of and are the creators of the idea of miracles! A miracle, may merely be an ordinary, naturally occurring event or happening. However, it is our particular perception and conception, that transforms and creates that happening into a miracle, the miraculous. Miracles are a matter of mind! A miracle is relative to the Mind-Heart and eyes of the beholder. So, in that sense, apart from what...
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New Year 2018

Dear Friends A ‘Mindful’ and ‘Kind-ful’ welcome to our New Year of 2018. I do hope and trust that the last year ended well for you, with some Mindful Reflection on the lessons and learnings from a year of life well spent. I also hope that what ever worth and wealth of understanding and wisdom you have gained from the last year, that you are able to use it well in our New Year, so that it becomes an even better year...
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Mindfulness Meditation CD now available digitally

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