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John Barter with Ven. Ajahn Pannya ath the Bodhi Tree Monastery in Lismore May 2019

Being Beyond the ways of The World

BEING BEYOND THE WAYS OF THE WORLD Dear Friends, the Ways of the World are all around us and within us; however, the Way of Wisdom is to Find and fulfill the ultimate Freedom that is the teaching and legacy of all the Buddha’s wisdom. Our Place and Path of Practice is not beyond the world but by seeing and knowing the Ways of the World and not being identified with or as these. The verse below is my offering of...
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Finding our way home

FINDING OUR WAY HOME! Dear Friends In some way or another we are all looking for the place of peace, that place of ease, that place of surrendering the struggle and strain of daily life. We are looking for our home, even Psycho-Spiritually, our ‘Real Home’. It is so easy to become attracted and distracted from the Path and from our Journey. We might even think that some well made ‘high road’ or ‘Highway’ is better than a bush track or by...
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Tomorrow Reborn as Today

TOMORROW REBORN AS TODAY Dear Friends – we get taught to pay attention to the just here and the just now! However sometimes the just here and just now present is only bearable knowing that there is a tomorrow and it may bring some respite or relief from the challenges of today. Enjoy my verse reflections on tomorrow as today. John B.   TOMORROW REBORN AS TODAY Tomorrow is; Always only ever and forever; Never more than just a day away.   What could, would should; Tomorrow boast, bring...
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No One To Matter

NO ONE TO MATTER Dear Friends Life seems so vast and amazing with all of its complexities and complications; its contrasts and contradictions. However; is it only so because we, you me, we, perceive it thus and make it so? So, what then is this I, me, you, we; this ‘one’ that we think ourselves into being? The Ultimate Spiritual Path of Practice is to Realise Reality and Be Beyond the drama! It is to the mind free from identification as this or...
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Mind and Meaning Making

MIND AND MEANING MAKING Dear Friends It’s amazing how much meaning we make of a collection of concepts strung together in a line or sentence or ‘saying’. In many ways this expresses the idea of ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’! When we rearrange the words in a line, sentence or expression it can be interesting to note both what occurs and what meaning we make of this? Enjoy my lines below and use these ideas for your own...
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Go to the Trees

GO TO THE TREES Dear Friends There are many suitable and sustaining refuges that we can source or seek out when life becomes difficult and distressing, when we feel depressed or despairing. One refuge which is increasingly becoming appreciated both by contemplatives and the common person, written and spoken about by sages, saints, scientists, psychologists and philosophers; is that of the Trees and the Forests. We are learning more about the importance of connecting and communing with nature. This is both the...
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Life is Limitation

LIFE IS LIMITATION Dear Friends In the context of receiving and relating to a particular Spiritual – Psychological (Psycho-Spiritual) Teaching, we may find that we connect with the concepts used or not! This is very much the case with the use of the Pali Language word ‘Dukkha’ in the Buddha’s Teachings. The Buddha has stated; “Two things only do I teach; the Truth of Dukkha and the Truth of its end to reach!” However, when Dukkha is translated as ‘Suffering’, we may not quite...
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Not all of the same sense!

Dear Friends How do we sense what we sense and what sense do we make of that? From what is senses through our senses – is that sensed with common sense; even an uncommon common sense or is it sensed with mental non-sense. All of what is sensed and known does go to create our sense of self or self-sense! Enjoy my verse below and make what sense of it you will!  John B.   NOT ALL OF THE SAME SENSE! Of sensory experience; Received through the...
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The Bodhi Tree – Any Tree and All Trees

Easter Personal Retreat: BODHI TREE FOREST MONASTERY – SATIPATTHANA VIPASSANA MEDITATION CENTRE Dear Friends This Easter 2019 I took the opportunity to take a Personal Retreat at Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery and Satipattana- Vipassana Meditation Centre. I saw this time for Personal Meditation Retreat as a both a gift to myself and to all those that I come into contact with; appreciating that if I have greater Calm, Clarity and Insightful Wisdom, this is shared with others. On Retreat, I delighted in this...
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Live With, For and As

Dear Friends – our life abounds with continually alarming information about distressing events and happenings all around our world, this planet that we share. We are surrounded with examples of how not to be, but find it difficult to discern and see what is an example of the Good, the Great and the Gracious. At this Religiously Significant time of year; lets get Spiritually Significant by living and being an example both to our self and others; be they our partner,...
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